Fac 251 supporting The Moons

Supporting The Moons

02 Dec 2016 Manchester, UK


Time : 7.00pm - 10.30pm
Venue : FAC251 - Factory Manchester
Address : 118 Princess Street
Zip : M1 7EN
Phone : 0161 2727251
Contact Website : http://www.factorymanchester.com/live-events/

Led by singer songwriter and horror fanatic Andy Crofts. The Moons are an established act with 3 studio albums and a live album to their name. Formed in the midlands The Moons have a strong reputation for a great melody and well crafted songwriting. Something they believe is a dying art with musical influences ¬†from Joe Meet to Air the band’s sound is a unique melting pot of yesterdays dreams in today’s reality.

“I draw influence from everything such as my favourite bands, art, horror films and even weather and this unconsciously ignites my songs” – Andy Crofts

Andy and drummer Ben Gordelier also twilight with the legendary artist Paul Weller which they are also full time members and are huge contributors to his studio albums

The Moons are currently working on their fourth studio album with plans for release in 2017.