Sylvette are a 5 piece Art-rock band from Manchester.

”Dramatic, sophisticated and stylish”    – Chris Hawkins (BBC6)

“When I listen to Sylvette I get from it: An intense and dramatic soundscape with some rocking guitar work. Passionate and powerful vocals. It’s my kind of music!” – Phil Cunningham (New Order, Bad Lieutenant, Marion)

The groups fusion of indie songwriting and electronic elements makes for something fresh”  – (CLASH Magazine)

All hailing from different musical backgrounds, each member draws from unique influences to give Sylvette an identity completely its own. Think the raw, yearning melodies of Led Zeppelin and Jeff Buckley supported by the bold sounds of Bjork and Aphex Twin, all fused together by the disturbing poetry of Neutral Milk Hotel.

Inspired by art in all its forms, Sylvette draw from the elements and traditions of many different genres and synthesise a unique experience that celebrates the full spectrum of the music scene today. On one hand it’s natural, earthy, and ritualistic and on the other futuristic, celestial and even glamourous. Their sound is overall bold and new but most importantly, at its heart, emotionally raw and vulnerable.

Guitar and Vocals: Charlie Sinclair     Bass:Ashley Garrod                               

Violin and Keyboards: Philippos Rousiamanis

Drums: Pete Leaver     Guitar: Jack March 


Celebtronic Management contact – Suki Pardesi

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  Tel – 07710 360913